Who are the top-ten hottest new products in 2017?

There’s no doubt that the new year is a bit of a boom time for the kitchen.

The likes of the new, sleek, high-tech kitchen cabinets are now available on shelves and at the most popular boutiques across the country.

However, this is not all sunshine and rainbows, as there are also some very worrying trends emerging in this sector.

A new survey of nearly 10,000 people by consumer goods company Lidl has found that the majority of people who use the kitchen cabinet do not like it. 

Amongst the most common complaints from consumers were a lack of a door handle, the need to replace old and damaged cabinets, and the need for new products.

“It’s been a long time since the last time we used a kitchen cabinet, so many of us are looking for something new,” says Joanna Pannier, a manager at Lidz products division.

“Our customer service team are working hard to make sure we deliver the products that our customers want.”

The new range of kitchen cabinets that will be available in 2018 include a range of products including a modernised version of the classic KitchenAid cabinet that is expected to be available by end of March, as well as a new model from the company’s home-furnishings division.

The company said that its new products were designed to meet consumer demand for “the best of the latest technologies” and were the result of research, design and development.

“The new product range is aimed at the busy kitchen-kitchen-fixtures user who wants an improved design, and for the people who need to keep up with modern technology,” Lidt said in a statement.

“We are confident that with the new range and new features, this product range will be well received by our customers and are offering them great value.” 

“We’ve done a lot of research and development, from the materials we use to the lighting and colours, to the quality of the products.

We have gone through a process where we have created the best products and the best service to ensure that our products are always in the best shape and offer the highest quality,” added Pannies’ manager.

The LidL team have also introduced new technology to improve the design of the cabinets in the past.

A range of LED lights are being offered for the cabinets to provide a more colourful and vibrant appearance.

The LidCabinet team also released a new app which allows customers to order a cabinet by emailing a picture of the design to [email protected]

LidPannier said that she is proud of the quality and work that the team has done.

“I am very happy with how this product has turned out and how quickly we have been able to get it out to the public,” she said.

“There is an increasing demand for high quality and stylish kitchen cabinets in 2018.”

 What are some of the trends that are causing concern in the kitchen?

 The most common complaint was that the cabinet has not been properly installed, with a majority of consumers stating that they have installed their cabinets on the wrong side of the wall.

The majority of customers also stated that they had never used the kitchen before and have not had the time to properly install a kitchen before buying.

“If you are buying a kitchen and it’s not up to standard, it’s important that you check out the cabinets, they are not going to be for everyone,” said Panniers manager.

“We have a lot more work to do in the new kitchen.

It is very important that we keep the cabinets up to scratch.”

“There are a lot things going on in the market that are pushing the industry forward, but there are still so many great products out there,” said Lid Lid.

“The Lids cabinet line will continue to grow in popularity as consumers are discovering new designs and better ways of using their cabinets.”

Read more from the BBC News website.

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