How to Use A Christmas Tree to Make Your Own Holiday Gifts

Christmas trees can be great for decorating or hanging out with friends, but what about the kids?

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make Christmas trees from scratch and keep them cozy all year long!

You’ll need:1.

A piece of tree you can purchase at a local nursery.

If you have a gift for a friend or family member, consider donating them a tree or donating it to a local community garden or a non-profit.

You can purchase a tree for as little as $2.00.2.

A bucket for filling the tree.3.

A wood carving knife.4.

A nail or a stick for hammering a wooden dowel into the center of the tree, which is the dowel is used to hold the tree upright.5.

A scrap of wood for attaching the dowels.6.

A pair of scissors.7.

Some duct tape to hold your dowels in place.8.

Some chalk and a glue gun.9.

A small amount of glue for gluing the dowls together.10.

Some tape for securing the dowlers.11.

A pencil to draw out your planks.

You can make a Christmas tree with this basic idea.1.

Cut a hole in the tree to fit your dowel.2.”3.

Place a dowel in the hole and cut out the center.4.”5.

Take the dowler you just cut and place it in the center hole of your dowler.6.”7.

Take a piece of wood and drill a hole through the center dowler with the dowle.8.”9.

Slide the dowles into the hole.10.”11.

Repeat for the other dowler, then add the second dowler as you go.12.

Slide your new dowel inside the hole until it fits.13.

Take it out and drill out the doweling you just drilled.14.

Take your dowle out and attach it to the doweled dowel you just glued together.15.

Slide it in and put it back in place and attach your new tree to your door.16.

Now, you have two festive Christmas trees!

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