When it comes to the best flooring for the kitchen, it’s the kitchen flooring

TUSCAN LIFT OFF ON A GRAND CHANGE The Tuscans latest kitchen floor mat was created with the idea of adding a bit of character to a space that is otherwise pretty lifeless.

Tuscany is a great place to work in and it’s a great location to have a home, so why not turn it into a little slice of heaven?

With the kitchen looking very much like a living room or bedroom, it only made sense to bring back the old school look.

The Tumutino mat comes with a black and white design that you can choose from.

It’s a bit more subtle than the traditional grey or grey-grey mat, which makes it a perfect choice for any space you want to transform into.

The mat itself is made of 100% recycled polyester fabric and it can be washed in the sink, on the counter, or even in the dishwasher.

This is the perfect mat for those times when you want something that won’t be overwhelming.

It also looks quite stylish.

TUSCAKI KITCHEN GRADE: 8.8 TUSCAN LIFT ON A BRINGBACK: 7.8 The Tuscan Kitchen Floor mat was designed with a classic style and it looks fantastic on the walls, tables, and even in your kitchen!

The floor mat is made from 100% polyester and has a satin finish that adds a bit extra personality to your space.

There are no seams, and the mat doesn’t stretch when you push it down on the floor.

The back of the mat is also designed with the same satin-finish finish as the floor itself, which adds a touch of style to your home.

It was designed to last a long time, which is good news for anyone who’s planning to move in this summer.

There is a special discount code available for this mat if you’re interested in getting one for free!

The Tumnis newest kitchen floor mats are also available in two different shades of white.

The white one is the “classic” grey that you’ll see everywhere, while the white-grey is more subtle and a bit brighter.

This one is definitely a great choice if you want a simple and modern addition to your kitchen.

You can pick it up in the Tuscana store for €19.95.

This product is available to be shipped to Ireland from Tuscano.