How to prepare the perfect steak dinner for your family

The perfect steak is a dish that requires a certain amount of preparation, and one that can be very satisfying to the palate.

While there are many steak restaurants around Ireland, and the perfect beef dinner can be enjoyed all year round, we wanted to offer an in-depth guide to help you get the most out of your family’s favourite meal.


How to choose the right type of steak This is the most important factor when deciding which type of meat you should choose to serve up.

As with all meals, you should ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for the meat, and what the dish will do to your family.

It’s also important to ask yourself whether you’d like to pay the equivalent of a couple of dollars for the steak itself, or whether you’ll be happy with a meal at a local restaurant.


Choose your steak The best steak steak in Ireland is usually a medium-sized ribeye, which is often accompanied by a side of fresh herbs, potatoes and a few other ingredients.

While the price of the steak will vary depending on the steakhouse and what you’re ordering, there are several options available for the average consumer, ranging from $12 to $22 for a ribeye at Ballymurphy in Co Clare.


Prepare the steak Before you eat, prepare your steak.

The more you cook it, the more tender and juicy the steak becomes.

Cook it for 30 seconds on each side and strain the juices into a colander.


Cut and serve It’s best to serve the steak to your children in a small, communal dish, and then to your spouse in a separate dining room, preferably with a dish of pasta or rice, and with plenty of room to spare.

A side dish with a side dish of cheese, meat and vegetables, or an assortment of meats is also good.


Enjoy your steak as a meal Your family will thank you for the perfect meal and, if they’re enjoying the meal too, they’ll probably eat it on the way home.


Enjoy the flavour If you want to add a little something extra to your steak, consider adding in some herbs and a dash of vinegar.


Add salt and pepper If you’re serving a steak at home, you’ll probably be able to choose a different seasoning than those available in the supermarkets.

You can also add a dash or two of salt and a splash of vinegar to the sauce.


Enjoy Your Steak As a Meal 5.

Add the herbs The best way to add some fresh herbs to your meal is to soak the herbs in water and then strain the water.

These herbs will add a lovely fresh flavour to the dish and will make the meal richer.

A handful of bay leaves will also be a good addition.

6) Taste and serve As a meal, you can also serve the meal with some potatoes or a side.

If you like to add more salt and seasoning to the steak, you could also serve it with some Parmesan cheese or a little grated parmesan cheese.

7) Serve it with a dollop of butter, or a few slices of bread, or cheese.

8) Enjoy Your Meal As a Dinner Enjoy your meal with a salad, a glass of wine or a bowl of porridge.

9) Enjoy your dish on the go Enjoy the meal on the move with a bottle of wine, or with a glass or glass of water.

If the dish is small enough, it might also be good to serve it on a bed of lettuce, tomato and parsnip greens.

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