‘A very nice place to live’ for first time owner, says owner of ‘very nice place’

A very nice kitchen in a small village in the middle of nowhere.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the tiny apartment is how much space there is.

It’s actually just one room.

“I have the same bed with a twin bed, two baths, one bedroom and a one-bathroom that is just the bathroom.

The kitchen is on the first floor and the living room is on another floor,” said Anu Kumar.

The kitchen is the main part of the apartment, and it’s actually built on a lot of bamboo.

It has a wall and two shelves.

“The wall is the kitchen.

There are a few tables here and a couple of chairs.

The whole kitchen is a small place.

It is a very nice apartment, I feel very comfortable here,” said Kumar.

Kumar moved to the village in 2017 from New Delhi and she has lived here for about six months.

She owns an apartment in a different village in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This is my first time living in a village, I’m happy to be here.

I have the kitchen on the second floor, and my daughter and son-in-law are here too.

The second floor has a kitchen.

They do cooking here,” she said.

She says she can afford to buy some appliances but she’s just not ready to give up her kitchen yet.

“It’s not that much of a big deal, and the other houses are so much bigger than this one,” she added.

The village has been a community of farmers, mainly from Kanyakumari, the largest city in the state.

A few of them have taken up the idea of owning a kitchen and started selling their produce to locals.

But now, people are beginning to question why the village is being built on so little land.

“There’s been no development in the area and no land development has been going on for the last few years.

I am concerned about the land here.

It will be affected because the farmers will be forced to move out and sell their produce.

There will be no jobs here,” Kumar said.

The government has started collecting a lot more land around the village to build more housing for the farmers.

“We are going to be constructing a village.

We will be building three villages.

We have got three lots in J&K and one in Jharkhand.

We plan to build another one in the next two years.

The next big development is the construction of the first village,” said Pankaj Gupta, the president of the J&L State Development Corporation (JSDCC).

Gupta says that it will be possible for the villagers to build their own houses.

“When we talk about houses, we should also talk about a kitchen, because it is an essential part of life in this area.

It makes a difference if a kitchen is constructed, because you will have a bigger house,” he said.

Gupta is also worried about the health effects of living in such a small space.

“People are complaining that they have got malaria and typhoid.

The houses here are very filthy.

We are trying to keep the water clean.

But the houses here can get contaminated from dust.

It can be very dangerous.

We need to get rid of these houses,” he added.

A resident of Jharpur in JH state, Gupta has been living in his own apartment in the village for the past two years and has been spending more time in his office.

“My wife and I have decided to sell our house.

It does not cost much to buy.

I would have liked to have lived in Jantar Mantar, but the place has become very crowded,” he admitted.

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