Italian restaurant owner to sell his home for £25m after buying it for £6.7m

Italian restaurant owners will soon be sold for their properties in a new sale that sees a buyer for the Italian-owned property in London’s South Kensington area.

The property, which has been listed for sale for a record price of £8.8m, is currently owned by restaurateur Giuseppe Fiumara, who bought it for around £6m in 2008 and sold it for a cool £8m in 2010.

The Italian restaurant has since gone through many owners and owners have sold their properties for much higher prices than the previous owner, with the highest price being set at £873,000 in 2015. 

The restaurant is currently home to a number of staff and has also recently added a catering unit to make up for the loss of one of its original staff.

It is believed that the new owner is planning to reopen the restaurant, which is located in the area where the property was originally built.

It is hoped that the sale will be completed by the end of June, with any proceeds going towards renovating the property.

 A new Italian restaurant in South Kenslington is due to open in 2021.

More to come.