Thailand kitchen remodels to house more than 2,500 employees

Thailand has ordered a total of 2,400 kitchen remodel projects to meet a demand for up to 2,700 new kitchen staff, officials said Tuesday.

The kitchen remodeling projects are part of Thailand’s economic overhaul, a government spokesman said, in a rare move to reduce labour costs in a country with a rapidly growing economy.

The kitchens of the country’s 11 million people are among the most expensive in the world, with average annual prices of nearly $5 million.

The government will allocate a total 3,600 million baht ($7.3 million) for the remodeling of more than 1,700 kitchen facilities, the spokesman said.

The ministry said in a statement that the kitchen remodelling will be carried out by private contractors in the private sector.

It said the kitchens will be installed in hotels and apartment blocks, as well as public spaces, restaurants, shopping malls and shopping centres.