When does a new cookbook get a cookbook?

The new cookbooks from chef and owner of the New York City kitchen, and founder of a vegan lifestyle website, are finally on the shelves.

Chef Marcia Bortolotti (who also runs her own vegan-friendly restaurant and has her own cookbook, Vegan Food for the Holidays) and Vegan Kitchen, a vegan cookbook and vegan kitchen, are both released on July 30.

The cookbooks are designed to help people who are new to veganism learn how to prepare vegan dishes and also serve as a great resource for those who already have the book and want to improve their cooking skills.

“The cookbooks have a lot of information, and that’s why they are so helpful,” Bortolsi told BuzzFeed News.

“They’re very good for new people, so they are really a good starting point for anyone who wants to become a vegan.”

The cookbook series is a collaborative effort between Bortolia, a self-described “vegan cookbook nerd” and a foodie, and Vegan Food For the Holiday, an online community for people who want to make vegan food.

The recipes range from a vegan chocolate chip cookie to a “vegetable ice cream” that uses tofu, chickpeas, and a few other plant-based ingredients.

Bortoli said the cookbooks were inspired by the vegan food she cooks, and she hopes that people will take some of these recipes and share them with others.

“I just wanted to share them because they are a really great starting point,” she said.

“A lot of people have already tried vegan food, and some of the recipes are quite similar.

We want to give people the chance to start their own cooking journey.”

Vegan FoodForTheHoliday.com is a community where new people can start their vegan journey, and the site has over 4,000 recipes and more than 300,000 followers.

The site offers vegan-style recipes for the holidays, like “Vegan Chili” and “Vegetarian Stuffed Corn” as well as vegan-based recipes like “Baked Bean & Mushroom Salad” and even vegan-inspired dessert recipes like these vegan cheesecake cups: “My favorite recipe from Vegan Food is these vegan cheese cup cakes.

You can customize them to whatever you want and use anything from vegan milk chocolate to butter to coconut oil.

I can’t wait to share these with others!”


Com has over 2.2 million followers and a ton of new recipes.

Bontolotti says the cookbook team has been sharing recipes for new readers, so there will be plenty of recipes in the cook books.

She says they’re going to be sharing more recipes with the cook book community.

Buntolotti said the first book in the series, Vegan Recipes for the New Vegan, is a “really simple recipe,” but it will be a “very helpful guide for anyone to try out the food that they want to eat.”

Bortolesi said she hopes people will share their recipes in Vegan Recipes For the New Urban Vegan.

She also said she thinks people will love recipes like her vegan chocolate cookie recipe, which she says is “very vegan-y.”

“I am so happy that Vegan Food, Vegan Kitchen and Vegan Travel are getting a cook book.

They’re all so creative, and people can learn a lot about cooking,” she wrote.

“You know what, it is also great for my vegan friends to get some of my recipes and see how they cook.”

Bontoli said Vegan Food And Vegan Kitchen are both designed for people new to the vegan lifestyle who want more ideas and tips.

“If you are looking for some tips on how to cook better and make better food, VeganFoodAndVeganKitchen is for you,” she told BuzzFeed.

“These are the recipes that I use to make all my favorite vegan food.”

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