A new kitchen drawer holder for the kitchen

The new kitchen cabinet holder has been developed by industrial designer and architect Gino Fusaro, who was inspired by the designs of the famous Italian design house Fusari, as well as other modern designs such as the French company Bjarke Ingels and the American company Miele.

The drawer holder is made from aluminum, a material with a long history in the kitchen and is shaped to fit a kitchen drawer.

The cabinet holder is not only made from an aluminium, but also uses carbon fiber as a material.

It is also made of plastic, which has been tested by a number of scientific studies.

The new holder will be available in a range of sizes from 8 x 6 to 12 x 12, according to Fusario, who is also a consultant for the designers of the furniture in the house.

The cabinet holder, which will be on sale from the end of February, is also being sold with an automatic setting for the holder, allowing it to be quickly set up and operated by a smartphone.

It will be made from two pieces of stainless steel, which can be attached with a pin.

It also has an internal spring to prevent it from falling out of the holder when it is dropped.