India to ban plastic water bottles and other household items from sale

India is to ban all plastic water containers from sale in its supermarkets, restaurants, stores and markets, and will also require that all plastic bags and paper containers are compostable, the Environment Ministry said on Thursday.

The move comes amid growing concerns over the spread of plastic pollution and the increasing use of plastic products in India’s food and beverage industry.

It comes after a study found that the use of plastics in the food and beverages industry increased by nearly 60% between 2008 and 2013.

Plastic bags and plastic bags that were mixed in with the food were responsible for up to 40% of the plastic pollution in India, according to the study.

The paper bags were responsible at around 8%.

The government will soon ban the sale of plastic water bottle, glass bottles, food packaging, plastic bags, plastic grocery bags and other similar products in the country.

“This measure will also help tackle the pollution problem in the supply chain of food products.

This measure will be implemented within the first phase of the policy,” the ministry said in a statement.