The Last Ship, The Final Hours, and the Next Year of Life on Netflix

The Last Ships and The Final Days of Life, both of which have been streaming on Netflix since the end of last year, were the last two films from director Alex Garland that we saw.

But Garland is back, and he’s bringing his trademark storytelling style to Netflix.

The Last Men, a horror-thriller set in the 1930s, will debut on Netflix on January 1.

It’s set to air for free, with the final episode being available for $1.99.

The film, which stars James Franco as a retired cop and Kate Winslet as his wife, is a film noir that has been making waves since it premiered at Sundance in January.

“It’s such a story about how the world of the film business can change,” Garland told EW in an interview.

“The world has changed dramatically since The Last Sings and that’s why the Last Men is such a perfect fit.”

The Last Guns and The Last Days of Men, which have also been streaming since last year on Netflix, follow the story of two men who have recently retired from law enforcement, and are living in a small cabin in the woods.

The latter, The Last Gun, is set to debut on December 16.

“You can’t put yourself in the position of having a career in film and then have to be a police officer, and I feel like that’s a huge change,” the filmmaker said.

“We’re trying to make a film that’s not just a story but a journey.

I think that’s the story.”

He also said that the films would be released in time for the holidays, with one of the episodes being available to stream on Christmas Day.

Garland said that he was drawn to the idea of bringing back a film in his own life after being in his 30s.

“I was in my 40s when I made The Last Wars,” he said.

“‘Last Wars’ is a movie that was made a long time ago in the ’80s,” he continued.

“So I had to figure out, ‘Hey, if I can make a movie about my life, what would be the best way to do it?’

And that’s how The Last Boys came about.”

He added that the film was a long-time favorite of his.

“My mother made the film when I was 15, so I think it was the one thing that was very important to me, and it’s a film where my mom is very much alive and there’s a lot of music playing,” he explained.

“And the fact that she was involved with it, it was so meaningful to me.

So I really wanted to make something that was a reflection of my life.

I’m hoping that it will make people feel like, ‘Oh, this is my mom.'”

The Last Women premieres on Netflix in December.

The series follows the lives of two women whose lives intersect after a divorce.

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