Hebbars Kitchen remodel costs $3 million

The kitchen remodeling project that is now being undertaken by Hebbar’s Kitchen in Las Vegas is costing $3.5 million, according to the company. 

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the project has taken on an urgency after the family of a pregnant woman was found in Las Vegas on November 25. 

A video posted to social media by the Hebbards shows the family in a bedside manner being assisted by an assisted living center worker. 

The woman was identified as Mary Lou. 

“The family’s ordeal has been a difficult one and I am incredibly grateful for the work of everyone involved,” the family’s lawyer, Chris Safford, said in a statement on Monday. 

It is unclear why the project was moved. 

On Thursday, Hebbars released a statement saying that the family “does not know the reason for this and is working closely with our team to ensure that everything is right.” 

Safford said that the remodeling will help the family afford their current home, which they own. 

More to come.